Tiring day? Switch off and relax in this beautiful and central boulevard as the day comes to an end.

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Paseo de la Princesa (Princess Promenade)

A pleasant sunset.

After a tiring day of tourism or diving, there's nothing better than to relax and enjoy a pleasant evening on the 'Paseo de la Princesa', which is a central boulevard surrounded by trees and luxurious colonial residences and has become a place to walk for families, couples and groups of friends. This avenue was part of an urban restructuring development of the mid-19th century, with a landscape design that was meant for the senses: palm groves and lush gardens, fountains that cool the atmosphere, sculptures, kiosks, and at the back you'll find the exit to the sea at San Juan Bay. The 'Paseo de la Princesa' tends to accommodate street markets of artisans, artists, street musicians and small improvised theatre plays that entertain locals and tourists. In any of the refreshment stalls which liven up this avenue, you can ask for the traditional 'piragua', which is a delicious traditional ice-cream with exotic fruits.

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