Do you want to know what marked Puerto Rico? Enter this museum and you'll find out.

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Museo de Nuestra Raíz Africana (The Museum of Our African Roots)

The black influence in Puerto Rico.

If there was something that marked the beginning of Puerto Rico as a nation, it wasn't only the Spanish colonization, but the shipping of enslaved Africans to work in the newly discovered lands. The 'Museo de Nuestra Raíz Africana' which is located at the 'Casa de los Contrafuertes' (House of the Buttress) in Old San Juan, is a tribute and tour for the black influence that was the origin of interbreeding and cultural exchange and enriched the Puerto Rican population. Through its exhibition halls, you follow the traumatic journey of the slaves who left Africa from the16th century; the voyage by boat, their traditional influences like their masks and musical instruments that were made of wood which the local indigenous people copied later; documents that testify that migratory movement and their subsequent integration in life and the socio-cultural exchanges of Puerto Rico, as proven by the fusion of its population.

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