An honorary monument to 'Juan Ponce de León'. Another Puerto Rican must-see.

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Estatua de Ponce de León (The Statue of Ponce de León)

A vigilant statue.

The Conqueror and first Governor of Puerto Rico, Juan Ponce de León, has a monument in his honour, which is an ancient statue that watches the streets from ‘la plaza de San José’ (San Jose Square) and is located in Old San Juan. The discoverer appears with his characteristic beard of the 16th century, his hat with a feather on one side, boots up to his mid-thighs, pauldrons, iron chainmail and one hand that points to infinity with the other rested on his hips. 'Ponce de León' lived for a time in San Juan with his family and prospered at the expense of exploiting the Taino tribe on their cassava farms. However, he continued to explore the Caribbean and reached the area of Florida in search of the fountain of eternal youth, but oddly enough, a poisoned arrow killed him instead as he fought against the native Indians.

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