A charming park where you can join locals in their enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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Cuscatlán Park

Take a breather and find locals at leisure.

Crossed by the Alameda Franklin Delano Roosevelt and steps away from the Divine Saviour of the World Memorial, this park is one of the nicest parts of San Salvador - and one you'll probably find yourself coming back to more than once as you explore the downtown. It's a great hangout for locals, and a common practice is to buy something to eat or drink and enjoy it on the grass here. Have a stroll under the trees with local families in the afternoon, passing kids playing and people reading on benches - you'll get a nice snapshot of people relaxing in a lovely public space. If you happen to be visiting with little ones of your own, by all means bring them to the locally beloved Tin Marín Children's Museum, which is on the premises.

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