As Rio de Janeiro has its Christ the Redeemer, San Salvador dotes upon its Divine Saviour. Come see why!

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Divine Saviour of the World

A monument that's become a beloved national symbol.

If you make it to only one monument in San Salvador, it should probably be this one, because it has become such a treasured icon for Salvadorans (and after all, the city and country themselves are named after its subject). Located downtown in Plaza Las Américas (where three of the city's most important thoroughfares meet, Alameda Manuel Enrique Araujo, Paseo General Escalón, Boulevard de la Constitución), the 18-metre (59-foot) monument consists of a statue of Jesus Christ standing atop a globe, which in turn rests on a tall cross-emblazoned pedestal. Built in 1942, it was originally part of the tomb of President Manuel Enrique Araujo, and it has undergone several renovations (most recently in 2010) and even survived an earthquake. It's lit up at night.

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