Pupusas are just one local speciality you should look for, part of a culinary tradition stretching back thousands of years.

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Salvadoran cuisine

A Central American cuisine with some definite local personality.

El Salvador's culinary heritage harks back to the ancient Amerindians, who planted corn, yuca (cassava), and beans, along with a variety of herbs and spices, which are still among the country's staple crops today. These ingredients and the influence of indigenous culture, blended with centuries of Spanish colonisation, have led to a cuisine which is similar to others in Central America but also distinctive in some ways. Perhaps the main food element you'll notice is corn, and you'll want to make a particular point of sampling the local tortillas (the soft corn-flour flatbread similar to the Mexican tortilla), melcocha (a honey-based sweet), and riguas (corn fritters), and above all the national dish, pupusas. These are tortillas filled with various local forms of squash, beans, cheese, meats, and so forth. They're a quintessential street food, sold at stands all over town, though there are also eateries called pupuserías that specialise in them, the best of which you can find in Antiguo Cuscatlan and the Zona Rosa. And remember, especially when it comes to pupusas, fresh is best!

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