Measures adopted as a result of Covid-19

So that you can plan your trip with peace of mind


We have lots of questions about Covid-19 but we don't have all the answers yet. However, we can help with the ones related to your flights. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
We hope you'll find them useful, but if there is anything that you are still not sure about, please ask us through one of our social media channels.



Cambios, bonos y reembolsos

Reserva ahora sin preocupaciones sabiendo que podrás modificar sin coste la fecha de tus vuelos u obtener el reembolso a través de un bono canjeable por billetes y servicios en la web de Iberia.

Who is eligible for a "safe and flexible flight"?

All customers affected by any of the following circumstances less than 7 days before departure:

  • New entry restrictions have been established at your place of destination.

  • You are affected by the sudden introduction of compulsory lockdown or quarantine measures at your destination that cannot be avoided by testing negative for COVID-19 just before travelling.

  • You are suddenly subject to lockdown or quarantine measures in your place of origin (lockdown imposed for your region, province, town or hospital zone; a household member tests positive for COVID-19, etc.).

  • You yourself test positive for COVID-19.

Valid for tickets purchased with any payment method: cash, credit card, bank transfer, voucher or Cash&Avios.

Do I choose a refund voucher, or do I choose to change the dates?

Either of the two options will be OK if you are going to change your flight and you already have the dates and destination defined. However, if you have not yet defined the new trip, or if you do not even know if you can do it, a voucher will be more advisable, since it will allow you to choose your flight within a period of 14 months, and it can even be used by someone else.

Could a request for a change or a refund voucher involve any costs?

There are no additional costs if you request to change dates or ask for a refund voucher providing you meet the "safe and flexible flight" conditions.

In the case of a change of dates, the modification will be free, providing it is made at the same tariff, regardless of the type of modification requested (time, date and/or destination). If it is made on a different, higher tariff, you will only need to pay the difference between the two tariffs.
Any change should be requested before the departure of the flight, otherwise, the terms and conditions for the original tariff will apply.

If you do not meet the "safe and flexible flight" requirements, the terms and conditions in the original tariff for changes and refunds will apply.

What can I change and when do I need to make the request?

You can change the date, time and origin/destination without penalty on any flight in the booking. Name changes are not permitted.

All you have to do is request it through our website [in the management area for your reservation], one of our call centres or in those airports where we have offices, before the check-in date for the flight on which it will not be possible to travel.

In those cases where you need to provide proof of the condition that prevents you from flying, that is, you are positive for COVID-19 or your appointment for a vaccine coincides with the dates for your flights, you will have to send an e-mail to salud@iberí indicating in the subject: Health + booking reference number + the option chosen "exchange" or "voucher".

If you bought your ticket at a travel agency, please contact them so that they can process the change directly for you.

When and how can I use my voucher?

You can use your voucher to pay for any flight to any destination in our network, including codeshares as long as one of the routes is operated by the Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum), and for anyone you want.

The process is very easy. Choose the departure airport, destination and dates, and when you reach the payment page just enter the code indicated on the voucher. The amount will automatically be discounted from the total cost of the ticket. And if there's any leftover balance, you can use it for another booking later on.

Please check our voucher page for any other questions about how to request or use a voucher, including using it to pay for ancillaries services (e.g. insurance, car hire, etc.).

My flight has been cancelled. What are my options?

You can request a voucher for the ticket amount (ticket + ancillaries, such as seat selection or an additional bag) to spend on one or several future bookings with the Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum). You can request your voucher by processing it through Manage your booking. and you'll receive it within five days.

Alternatively, you can change the dates of your flight. If you choose this option because you already know when you want to travel, you can process it through Manage your booking.

Or if you prefer, you can request a refund of the ticket and ancillaries. To do this, please go to (+39) 02 913 87 051. This is manual process so it will take a little longer to send it to you and we therefore kindly request your patience.

I bought my ticket at a travel agency. Can I request a voucher or refund?

Yes, but you need to contact the agency so that they can process it.

How can I change or get a refund for tickets purchased with Avios?

If you bought your ticket with Avios or Avios&Money, please request a change or refund through the Call Centre or by filling in the Iberia Plus help form. If you request a refund, we'll credit the Avios to your Iberia Plus account and refund the taxes to the payment card you used to buy your ticket. This is a manual process so it may take us a little longer to confirm your request. Thank you in advance for your patience.

If you used your Avios to get a discount on the price of your ticket, we will refund the entire amount by means of a voucher through Manage Your Booking.

Can I request a voucher for a holiday package: flight+hotel or flight+car?

Flight + car and flight + hotel packages are managed by British Airways Holidays Limited. If your flight + car or flight + hotel booking is directly impacted by COVID-19, we will contact you before your departure date, without you having to worry about anything else. To enquire about changes or refunds for holiday package bookings made on Iberia Holidays, please write to the following email address:

Can I subsequently request a refund for my ticket or exchange the amount on the voucher for cash?

In general, you can't. The voucher constitutes a full and final refund of your booking. During the request process, we'll ask you for confirmation twice to ensure that you wish to proceed with the voucher refund. Once you have completed the request on our website or through our call centre, the voucher will be issued and your booking will be cancelled. Please also note that you will not be able to exchange the amount on the voucher for cash.

During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, I received a voucher refund for my ticket

In accordance with Article 88 b ("Refund of travel tickets and holiday packages") of Italian Law 77/2020, enacting Decree-Law 18/2020 (in the latest version introduced by Law 69/2021 of 21 May, enacting Decree-Law 41/2021 of 22 March), you have the right to claim a cash refund for the outstanding balance of your voucher if the following three conditions are met:

  • Your ticket was sold in Italy.

  • Your flight was scheduled to operate between 11 March and 30 September 2020.

  • Twelve or more months have passed since the voucher issue date.

Besides, if 24 or more months have passed since your voucher issue date, Iberia will automatically give you a cash refund of any remaining balance, even if you do not submit a claim.

These refunds will be made within 14 days and through the same payment method used to make the booking. For example, if you paid by card, we will make a deposit to your bank account. Please bear in mind that, depending on your agreed terms and conditions with your bank, it may take a little longer than this to receive the refund, e.g. if your credit card is settled monthly.

If you made your booking through a travel agency, we advise you to process your refund request through them.

How long is the voucher valid for?

Check the email in which we sent you the voucher: it contains all the conditions of use, including the expiry date.

You can also check this info in the 'Checking and managing your vouchers' section on this page.

During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, I received a voucher refund for my ticket.

In accordance with Article 88 b. of Italian Law 77/2020, vouchers originated in Italy are valid for use and travel for 24 months from its date of issue.

Remember, you can use your voucher for any direct flight or a connecting flight where at least one of the routes is operated by Iberia, Iberia Express or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum.

Prevention and recommendations for travelling

What do I need to know to be able to travel in this period affected by COVID-19?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, travelling has become a little more complicated and you may well have concerns about how to organise a trip, from the health and safety measures required to choosing a destination that is open to travellers.
We will try to help you as much as we can to make planning your trip as easy as possible.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

In line with the current regulations, the use of a surgical mask or one providing greater protection (without an exhalation valve), covering the nose and mouth, is compulsory for everyone aged six and over when boarding the plane and throughout the flight. If you are not wearing a mask, we will be obliged to deny you boarding.

Passengers who cannot use the obligatory face mask for exceptional health reasons must contact the Iberia Medical Service. If this is your case, you must go to an Iberia desk at the airport and present the Iberia medical authorisation and the negative result of a PCR test taken no more than 48 hours before the departure of the flight, as well as any health tests and documents required by the local authorities at the destination.

Are there measures to ensure social distancing?

To maintain a safe distance we have installed physical barriers and Tensabarriers, screens at desks and marks on the floor. We have also adjusted our procedures to attend to customers in a way that keeps everyone safe.

What measures have been taken to ensure safety on board?

  • The use of face masks is compulsory for the crew and all our customers throughout the flight.

  • All our aircraft are fitted with a ventilation system that prevents the virus from spreading. Once the doors are closed, the pressurisation commences. The air extracted from the engines reaches a very high temperature, destroying bacteria and disintegrating viruses.

  • Our crew are fully trained and have the necessary resources to intervene if they detect any suspicious cases.

Are the aircraft disinfected?

As well as disinfecting our aircraft, we've reinforced the cleaning procedure on board and in all the places where we have contact with customers: desks, buses between the aircraft and terminal, and all surfaces inside the aircraft.

Measures to let you change your travel plans

During these challenging times Iberia is implementing special measures to help you with your trip.


Vuelo seguro y flexible

Safe and Flexible Flight

Book now with Safe and Flexible Flight to guarantee flexibility for any COVID-19 disruption

Book now with the confidence of knowing that you can change the date of your flights free of charge or get a refund in the form of a voucher to swap for tickets and services on the Iberia website if you are affected by any of the following circumstances less than 7 days before the departure of your flight:

  • New entry restrictions have been established at your place of destination.

  • You are affected by the sudden introduction of compulsory lockdown or quarantine measures at your destination that cannot be avoided by testing negative for COVID-19 just before travelling.

  • You are suddenly subject to lockdown or quarantine measures in your place of origin (lockdown imposed for your region, province, town or hospital zone).

  • You yourself test positive for COVID-19 provided with a valid document.*

In the first cases, all you need to do is request it on our website [in Manage Your Booking] before check-in closes for the flight you are not going to be able to take.

If your situation is the last case, please send an email to with the following subject matter: Health + booking reference + option selected ("change") or ("voucher").
* You also need to attach proof of why you cannot travel so that we can authorise it. Any of these two documents are valid for this purpose:

  • Medical certificate

  • Certificate issued by the authorities


You have 14 months to use the amount on the voucher, even if your ticket doesn't allow a refund or change. This means that you can use the amount as if it were cash for one or more flights to any destination and for anyone you want, until you have used up the voucher balance.

If you prefer to choose a more convenient time to travel, you can change your ticket to another date without any penalty.

The above change and voucher refund options do not affect any other refund alternatives that apply to situations where you are unable to travel due to force majeure. In these cases, all requests must be submitted through our usual customer service channels.

IMPORTANT: The information provided below is for guidance purposes only.

Confirm your content and get more information about your specific situation by contacting the competent local authorities.

The information provided in this section is intended to guide passengers and potential customers step by step as they plan and prepare for their journeys. It is provided by Smartvel and includes data obtained from a variety of sources. You may not store, revise or record this information without express permission from Smartvel (subject to the terms and conditions available at “Timatic®”, owned by IATA, is one of the sources of information, and Smartvel has obtained the right to use that information for this website (all rights reserved and subject to the terms and conditions available at We cannot guarantee that this information is accurate and up-to-date at all times. We therefore strongly recommend that you check the regulations directly with the competent immigration and customs/border control authorities of the country you are visiting. Iberia assumes no responsibility for any decisions made on the basis of this information.

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Iberia is doing everything it can to ensure that you can travel with peace of mind and plan your next trip.

We're resuming part of our flight schedule so we want to give you all the details about the entry and exit requirements for each country.

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