It is essential to visit this curious beach with special views, swimming pools in the lake, a good restaurant, boat trips, saunas, massages...

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Bains des Pâquis

Water, sun and relaxation.

Not far from the Jet d'Eau, and with wonderful views of the lake, the Bains des Pâquis, created in the '30s, are a mandatory visit for every tourist in Geneva. In addition to strolling around its piers, you may -weather permitting- jump into the lake swimming pools or, if you prefer, enjoy a good fondue at the restaurant while admiring the great Leman lake. This beach (entrance fee 2 swiss francs) is fascinating for those lovers of sun and relaxation who, in the summertime, can enjoy an unusual view of the city and even take a quiet boat trip. It is also a place worth visiting during the winter, since there are saunas and Turkish baths, a massage parlour and tai-chi classes. Find all the relevant information about services and timetable at

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