Roast chicken, mousse au chocolat, tarte Tatin with ice cream: the three essential delicacies of this modern and cheap restaurant.

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Chez Ma Cousine

Roast chicken with potatoes.

This traditional yet modern, comfortable French restaurant-bar chain has low prices and a relaxed atmosphere, and can be found at its three locations in the city. The one in the Place du Bourg, close to the Saint Pierre cathedral and the Parc de la Treille, was the first one to open. Along with a wide variety of beers, the star on the reduced menu is a succulent roast chicken with potatoes and salad. And that's why the scent of roast chicken, so typical when passing by this restaurant's door, fills this small place. If, once you finish your meal, you are still hungry - the plates are quite big - we recommend the delicious mousse au chocolat with a capuccino in the winter, or the tarte Tatin with ice cream during the summer. The menu is about 20 euros, which is quite a bargain for this part of Geneva.

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