Creative, inspiring and peculiar, think about the relativity of time while dining in its restaurant "Au Phil du Temps".

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Cité du temps

Swatch Group

As its name suggests, time passes here in a different way than anywhere else. The Swatch Group opened this exhibition centre in a stately building from 1840 by the Pont de la Machine, the original purpose of which was to supply water for the city fountains; the building was restored in 2005. Its interior is full of creativity and inspiration. There are two storeys: in the lower one the relativity of time is questioned, while on the top one, there are two identical spaces for temporary art exhibitions, events and conferences. There is also a permanent exhibition of the company's watches, starting in 1983. Since 2011, the bistró "Au Phil du Temps" has offered a singular culinary experience to visitors. Don't miss any details! Visit

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