A ride at 1,200 metres of height is not for everyone. But if you fancy this, do not miss it!

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Go high on the cablecar.

If you're not a fan of heights, you may want to abstain.

Although very safe, the Mont Salève cablecar ride is not for those afraid of heights. There are buses from the downtown area to Veyrier-Ecole or Veyrier-Douane, close to the French border, that will leave you near the bottom end of the ride. Once in, the ride to the top, at about 1,200 metres of height, is only four minutes long. On sunny days, the views on the south of the city, the lake and the water jet are unmatched. Prepare your camera because you will also see the magnificent French Alps, with the imposing Mont-Blanc. For those into trekking, wear your walking boots and try the path to the top. The cable car is closed during November and December due to the weather.

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