Learn all about Voltaire in this museum-house, which was once the philosopher's home.

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Institut et Musée Voltaire

‘Les Délices’.

This Geneva house, known as "Les Délices", is on the street of the same name and was Voltaire's home between 1755 and 1760; nowadays it is a museum devoted to the famous French philosopher. Beside the paintings and portraits of the philosopher himself and his contemporaries, there is an important collection of personal objects, such as letters, autographs and mementoes he kept. This house, also the headquarters of the Institut Voltaire, has a large library with over 25,000 books, over a thousand manuscripts and a number of iconographic documents. Simultaneously, there is a documentation and research centre on Voltaire and the 18th century, open to researchers and readers who want to know more about his life and work. In addition to the interesting permanent collection, the museum, officially inaugurated in 1954, also offers temporary exhibitions that change with the season. Prepare your visit at www.ville-ge.ch/imv.

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