This old house owes its name and artefacts to one of the richest families in the city.

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Maison Tavel

Essence of the 16th century.

Beside the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire is the oldest house in the city, turned into a museum and belonging to one of the richest families in the region, after which it has been named. Inside it, time has stopped in the 16th century. But there are no props here, every object and image has been used by the Tavel family in their daily life. The kitchen and its wares, the high painted ceilings, the doors, the rooms, the silverware... everything has been carefully kept. After years of dereliction, this palace-house has been restored to preserve the building and the collection shown inside. On the top floor you will find what is probably the most interesting part of the visit, "le relief Magnin", an enormous model built between 1880 and 1896, showing Geneva still surrounded by its walls in the 19th century.

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