A portrait of Servet, to remember his suffering when he was burned at the stake.

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Monument to Miguel Servet

A small corner for a homage.

The Spanish scientist and theologist has a small corner in the city, close to the street that bears his name. Since 1903, on the 350th anniversary of his death, a commemorative monument keeps his memory alive in Champel, not far from where he was burned at the stake in 1553. On the front of the monolith there is an expiatory text which, rather than praising the illustrious philosopher, is a defence of Calvin. About three metres away, in October 2011 the Council inaugurated a beautiful statue of Servet, as an acknowledgement of the Spaniard's suffering. Paradoxically, a similar statue by local sculptress Clotilde Roch (a disciple of Rodin) had been rejected by the Council over 100 years ago, with the excuse that it could hurt the Calvinists' feelings.

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