Do not miss the stained glass windows at La Madeleine or the giant granite sphere at the Sainte Trinité.

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Churches and temples

One of the oldest temples in Geneva, the Gothic church of Saint-Germain, has been through centuries of turbulent evolution of religious beliefs. Guillaume Farel, another Reformer, came here to preach, although once the Napoleon troops entered the city, the church reverted to being a seat of the Catholic faith. During the summer there are free chamber music concerts in this church. Still in the old part, you will find the Madeleine church, historically a Protestant temple, famous for its seven stained glass windows under design of the Chilean artist José Venturelli. Built in the 15th century and property of the Protestant church, it can nowadays be hired for cultural activities, as a way to overcome financial problems. On the other side of the lake is the last Roman Catholic church to be built in the city, that of Sainte Trinité, which is unusually shaped as a 20 metre granite sphere, a design of architect Ugo Brunoni.

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