A colossal sculpture centred on the four Reformers that were key in the history of the city.

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Reformation Wall

‘Post Tenebras Lux’.

At the Parc des Bastions, can be found this colossal sculpture group representing the four reformers that had an influence on the history of the city: John Calvin, Théodore de Bèze, John Knox and Guillaume Farel. Its construction started in 1909, on the fourth centenary of John Calvin's death, although it was opened only eight years after. Engraved on a 100 metre long wall, the city's motto can be read: "Post Tenebras Lux" (after darkness, light), which was also the motto of the Reformation. The Reformation Wall, a landmark in the park, watches over this beautiful green area. On both sides of the central figures there are smaller statues and bas-reliefs representing other important Protestant characters from other countries. On the floor there is a large mosaic representing three coats of arms: those of Geneva, Berne and Scotland.

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