A pleasant experience for book lovers, this building houses zeal manuscripts and unique, ancient books.

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The Library of Geneva

Books and chestnut trees.

Geneva, a city devoted to tourism and culture, has a number of museums and other places with free entrance. The City Library (BGE - www.ville-ge.ch/bge/index.html), which belongs to the University, is one of those buildings that book lovers will enjoy getting lost in. We recommend visiting the Ami-Lullin room, a venue for exhibitions and conferences where the most important treasures of the library are exhibited several times a year. With an extensive catalogue that goes from papyrus to digital books, it is well worth visiting this great stone building to spend some time under the century-old chestnut trees around it with a book in your hands. Despite a long pause during the 20th century, this library's collection is the second oldest, after that of the French National Library, and includes manuscripts and other unique jewels that cannot be found anywhere else.

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