A military stance for this spectacular tower, splendid vigilant over the Place du Molard.

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The Molard Tower

Discover its historical door.

This tower of military origin, built in the 14th and originally part of the city walls, rises in a corner of the Place du Molard in the old part, near the Pont du Mont-Blanc. The Molard Tower, the door of which was used until nearly two hundred years ago to go in and out of the city, for the protection and control of the Geneva port, is a witness to its commercial past. Rebuilt in 1591, this tower has maintained its military essence thanks to its friezes and coats of arms, and it is a good example of the spectacular constructions of its day. It is also worth going inside, where you will find an interesting bar - and you might be tempted to have a glass of wine or an aperitif. At its foot, in addition to these engraved words that honour the spirit of the place: "Geneva, city of shelter", you will discover a beautiful octogonal fountain with a marble obelisk erected in 1771.

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