The National Monument in the English Garden

Two bronze women, representing the unification of Geneva, sword in hand!

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The National Monument in the English Garden

Watching over the waters of the lake.

When taking a walk under the trees of the central English Garden, you will get to the National Monument, located on the side of one of the largest bridges in the city, the Pont de Mont-Blanc, built in 1862. But who are these bronze young ladies who watch over the lake from their pedestal? On the left, a woman with a crown symbolises the Swiss Confederacy. The other woman, on the right, holding a shield with a cross, represents the Republic of Geneva. Both carry sharp swords in one hand while holding each other round the waist, like friends. This sculptures symbolises the union of Geneva as a sovereign canton when the Swiss Confederacy was created in 1814. Although inaugurated in 1869, this monument represents the historical adhesion that, since then, has presented the country as a place of armed neutrality.

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