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Bar Tabaré

History at the southernmost point of Uruguay

Punta Carretas is an outstanding area to the south of the city, in a somewhat isolated location on the city's coastline, which has a lighthouse that predates the urbanisation of the area. As such, its history and mystic are directly linked to the sea. In 1919, Alfredo González opened bar Tabaré, a faithful representation of the type of businesses that flourished in the first half of the 20th century. The street corners of this neighbourhood saw establishments crop up that were adjacent to the owner's house where storeroom and bar were in different, albeit connected, places. Isolated at the southernmost tip of Montevideo and timidly surrounded by the lighthouse, the home of Juan Zorrilla, the prison and little else, this bar was initially a neighbourhood storeroom and meeting place for fishermen. In 1993, the bar closed its doors to reopen as a pub and restaurant, working hard to maintain the original furnishings and architecture. A basement area that was refurbished as a stage for all kinds of shows feeds into the bohemian vibe at Tabaré, which celebrated its 90th birthday in 2009 and was named one of the top one hundred bars in the world.

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