Thanks to a Galician, this bar holds the secret recipe of the famous pizza al tacho or white pizza.

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Bar Tasende

Gastronomic secrets.

This historic bar is home to one of the best kept secrets in Montevideo: the recipe of the pizza al tacho, a true culinary symbol of the capital. Oddly enough, it was a Galician, Jesús Tasende, and not an Italian who opened this bar back in 1931, which has been serving one of the best pizzas in the city ever since. Its success lies in the superb quality of the mozzarella and that it has no tomato sauce. The high ceiling gives an airy and peaceful feel to the bar and the unmistakeable aromas take diners back in time, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane for locals and visitors alike. The kitchen is always very busy, serving food until a lamp in the shape of the statue of Venus is turned on, signalling that the bar closes in ten minutes. As you leave, look out for a plaque that sums up the special nature of this bar which reads, "outstanding business. Bar selected for its heritage value".

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