A real must. An old-fashioned, intimate and charming cafe with a very special past.

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Café Brasileiro

Cafe of the stars.

A real gem for coffee and culture fans; this is the oldest cafe in the entire city. Café Brasileiro is a world of its own, full of softly lit enchantment, bohemian vibes and intellectual musings with an atmosphere that is both intimate and charming. This cafe is living heritage of the culture of the city and its tables once inspired great names such as Gardel, Benedetti, Buscaglia or Eduardo Galeano who was a regular here and even has a speciality coffee named after him. The photos, cuttings and paintings of these stars and many other famous people are a faithful reflection of the legendary feel to this cafe and the big impression made within its four walls graced by lengthy and entertaining debates. The modern and sophisticated menu include a good selection of sandwiches, light meals, executive menus, elegant desserts, coffees and drinks invented by the cafe itself such as the Gaditana.

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