The connection between Spain and Uruguay is undeniable. As seen at this Spanish cultural centre in the heart of the Uruguayan capital.

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Centro Cultural España en Montevideo

Cultural ties.

A shining example and symbol of the unbreakable bond between these two sister countries. The main aim of this centre is to make culture accessible to everyone, transforming it into a driver of progress and growth. As such, over the years it has supported various local activities and launched a wide range of educational projects including exhibitions, seminars, training workshops, conferences, concerts, cinema screenings and plays. A thrilling introduction to all the latest cultural trends, a visit to this centre is like taking the pulse of the city. It is located in the Casa Mojana building, which has seven floors with internal balconies, high ceilings and skylights and was declared a National Historic Monument in 1996. It also now has a media library and a cafe which has already become a popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike and the best place to find out what's new on the city's thriving art scene.

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