What can you expect from El Milongón? A friendly bar that celebrates the nation's passion for dancing.

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El Milongón

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The tango and the candombe are the two most typical Uruguayan dances, cultural expressions that form part of a strong sense of national pride and that are greatly loved and respected by the locals. In fact, both dances have been included on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. El Milongón is one of those bars that feel really intimate and welcoming. It has worked hard to uphold these values and to provide top-quality food and entertainment for every customer. While you enjoy an excellent evening, El Milongón pays nightly homage to tango, the one-time voice of the working classes which rose to international fame, and to the Afro-Uruguayan sounds of the candombe. With a company of over thirty artists, you'll be treated to a flawless interpretation of these typical dances and a jaw-dropping display of rhythm, passion and technique. Located in the Cordón neighbourhood, it is a real institution in terms of evening entertainment in the city and is definitely not to be missed.

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