Uruguayans are serious football fans. So it's no surprise that the capital has such an impressive stadium.

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Estadio Centenario

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Few countries have the same passion and devotion to football as Uruguay, where this sport plays a huge role in the history and identity of the nation. The Estadio Centenario is the big sporting symbol of the capital. This enormous stadium, which holds up to 80,000 people, was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Constitution and to host the very first World Cup held in Uruguay in 1930. It has been declared by FIFA as a Historic Monument of World Football and is, to date, the only stadium in the world to be given this accolade. The sodium also has an iconic ninety-metre tower, known as the Torre de los Homenajes, which looms in its art deco glory over the Olímpica grandstand. It has recently been equipped as a viewing tower. At the base of the tower you'll find the Museo del Fútbol, a museum dedicated to the beloved game which opened in 1975. On the ground floor, there is usually a temporary exhibition.

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