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Faro Punta Carretas

Southern Montevideo.

This authentic symbol of the city is located on the southern-most tip of Montevideo. Formally called Punta Brava, it was a notoriously dangerous place and has been no small number of shipwrecks. Over time, it became known as Punta Carretas by the men who fished in these waters, leading the lighthouse to be christened as the Faro Punta Carretas. Today, it still plays a very important role in shipping in the area. It was built in 1876 and is nearly twenty metres tall. Visitors can explore inside the lighthouse and climb to the top to marvel at the exceptional views on offer. You'll become a first-hand witness of the sheer expanse and beauty of the Charrúa coast. What's more, the Faro Punta Carretas is the emblem of an area of the city that has undergone a very success transformation, leaving behind its gloomy and uninviting past to become a thriving area of the modern city that is well loved by visitors and locals alike.

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