Art, literature, gastronomy, shopping... The perfect place to go with a bunch of friends and stay for hours.

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La Pasionaria

All in one.

This eclectic collection describes itself as a "creative universe" and this certainly seems to be the case: all under one roof, you'll find a design studio, an art gallery, a bookshop, boutiques and even a restaurant, which is perhaps its most popular feature. This disparate universe is united under a shared philosophy; to create a dynamic meeting place for friends, a laid-back atmosphere and the chance to buy up all the latest trends. The food at La Pasionaria is known for its freshness, with dishes based on seasonal produce that make the most of the city's excellent selection of ingredients. It serves a range of delicious snacks and lunchtime meals such as its inviting tomato soup with hot avocado. It also has a good selection of vegetarian dishes and a wide selection of teas or if you fancy something sweet, the homemade desserts and cakes are always a hit.

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