Bravo! Ideas like this really foster a sense of national identity, in addition to providing work for a lot of people.

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Manos del Uruguay

For the good of the country.

Known for safeguarding and promoting Uruguayan identity, this not-for-profit social organisation has been providing work for craftswomen in rural areas of the country since 1968.
 Manos del Uruguay weave culture and tradition into each of their artisanal products and their strict work ethic has earnt them the backing of the World Fair Trade Organization. The initiative is owned and managed by the craftswomen themselves and has developed from the traditional spinning wheel to more modern technologies yet without losing touch with the original artisanal magic and maintaining the peerless quality of their ponchos, scarfs, hats and handicrafts made from age-old materials such as wood, horn or leather. Each product draws inspiration from gaucho traditions, the indigenous culture and the Uruguayan landscape and their clientele includes such famous names as Stella McCartney, Chanel or Marc Jacobs. The organisation has a number of shops in Montevideo and in other cities throughout the country.

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