This farmers market is the secret behind thousands of local, home-cooked meals.

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Mercado Agrícola de Montevideo

Hurrah for fresh produce.

"It is a place where freshness, flavour and colours create a unique meeting place for all things natural and healthy to come together as one, a place to rediscover the positive effects and feelings related to fresh, natural produce". There's no better definition of this vibrant place than that given by the market itself to give you an idea of what's in store at this market dedicated entirely to food. The farmer's market of Montevideo brings together a board range of small retailers who are still very much in touch with the ways of traditional markets and with the age-old knowledge of this sector. The 107 stalls at this market include fruit, vegetables, gourmet products, cheeses, cold meats and a spectacular food court, among other services. This century-old market was once considered the largest building of its kind in Latin America thanks to its enormous iron frame measuring nearly six thousand metres. Today, it is still a point of reference for any local kitchen.

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