Museo de la Historia del Arte

An artistic mishmash of countless periods and styles. Something to suit all tastes.

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Museo de la Historia del Arte

A journey through time.

Looking to explore the origins of art? Interested in find out about daily life and customs of ancient civilisation? This museum about the history of art takes visitors on a whistle-stop tour of ancient cultures from the Prehistoric to the Roman era, passing through Egypt, Iran and Greece, in addition to pre-Columbian cultures and colonial American art. The vast collection includes both copies and original archaeological artefacts of huge historical value, such as the Egyptian mummy of the priestess Eso Eris. There is a large section with ethnographic collections from three different sources: African art, Mayan-Guatemalan textiles and Samurai weapons and armour.
 The painting and wooden sculptures from the colonial era, especially those from the Cuzco School, are particularly interesting. The museum also makes room for cultures that are less well-known in the region, such as Oriental, Islamic and African art, in an ever-expanding space that reminds us of the importance of looking to the past to understand the present.

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