This municipal museum and historical archive is home to one of the most diverse collections in the city: including blueprints, textiles and even driving licences.

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Museo y Archivo Histórico Municipal

If the walls could talk.

It is located in one of the many rooms at the Cabildo, a building that has witnessed some of the most important political, social and cultural events in Montevideo. The museum works to boost interaction between the different artistic factions in the city, offering a unique insight into the cultural development of the capital. It has a large collection of blueprints of the city, building permits, official documents and up to 7,500 invaluable iconographic collections, including some very interesting books and textiles. It is also home to the very first benches in the Plaza Matriz and the first public water fountain in the city, which was installed in 1867 in the Plaza de la Constitución. Over the past few years, it has introduced a range of innovative features and initiatives to encourage visitors to really engage with the museum and its message.

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