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Palacio Estévez

As imposing as it is interesting.

This imposing, neo-classical building was built at the request of Francisco Candelario Estévez, a wealthy banker from Buenos Aires, who brought the property in 1873 to build a mansion with a rooftop terrace to get the best views of the port. This huge house, with clear Doric and colonial influences, was soon acquired by the Uruguayan government after the Argentinean went bankrupt and was used as the seat of the Government from 1880 to 1985. Today, the palace is home to the Museo de la Casa de Gobierno which opened in 1999. This museum offers an illustrative journey through Uruguayan history based on its presidents. Entry is free and visitors are treated to animations, videos, countless archive images and a section dedicated to famous Uruguayans such as José Artigas, after whom the building was named in 2009. Currently, the Palacio Estévez is also used for formal state events such as the handing over of executive powers.

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