Need to get away from it all? Looking for a breath of fresh air? Parque Batlle is waiting for you with open arms.

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Parque Batlle

Endless family walks.

If you find yourself at the Obelisco a los Constituyentes de 1830, known locally as the "Obelisk of Montevideo", you're just one step away from the Parque Batlle, one of the most beautiful and popular parks in the city. It used to be called "Central Park" but as it expanded and become more important it was given a new name: in 1929 it became known as Parque Batlle after the late president José Batlle, who died that year and is commonly thought of as the godfather of modern Uruguay. The park is home to the Estadio Cenetario, another two smaller football stadiums, the Velódromo Municipal and a masterpiece by sculptor José Belloni entitled "La Carreta". The Parque Batlle is the ideal place for a long walk to reconnect with nature and get a good dose of fresh air. It is also a great location for a family day out.

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