Charming surroundings, charming history. One of those parts of the city enjoyed by all.

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Plaza de la Constitución

Plaza Matriz among friends.

Pretty and central square that is steeped in history. This used to be the Plaza Mayor or main square of the city but it was renamed Plaza de la Constitución after the constitution of the Republic of Uruguay was promulgated here on 18 July 1830, a real symbol of the country. Popularly known as Plaza Matriz, you'll blend right in with the locals watching the world go by and soaking up the atmosphere in one of the most vibrant corners of the capital, especially on Saturdays when it plays host to an antiques fair. Its well-planned design consists of various paths that all lead to a beautiful marble fountain with alchemic and masonic symbols. This fountain has a circular basin decorated with four fawns and four children who represent the essence and innocence of energy, in addition to a large column which supports its three different levels. Visitors with the keenest eyes will no doubt make out a number of commemorative inscriptions about the early history of the country.

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