Uruguay is famous for its writers and Montevideo for its bookshops... It's worth visiting at least one.

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Prestigious bookshops

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Uruguay's impeccable literary reputation is revered the world over, being the birthplace of some of Latin America's best intellectuals and writers. In tribute to its world-class writers, Montevideo is home to a number of iconic bookshops, many of which are in buildings where time passes by at a curiously slow pace. The Más Puro Verso bookshop, on Sarandí street, deserves a leisurely visit to thoroughly explore its Pablo Ferrando building which is one of Montevideo's architectural gems. As soon as you step inside, you'll be met by a large staircase and a jaw-dropping stained glass window complete with a classic-style clock. Be sure to visit both floors of this impressive bookshop where you'll find countless literary masterpieces. Linardi y Risso, an old-fashioned bookshop in the Ciudad Vieja area, is the best place for Latin American books and is held in high esteem among collectors, researchers and intellectuals. If you're looking for out-of-print books, don't miss out on Librería Pocho, where books can be exchanged, bought and sold.

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