Tough but true. This shopping centre went from having an awful reputation to being the most recommendable in the city.

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Punta Carretas Shopping

Reinvent or die.

It stands as a shining example of the process of change and transformation seen in the Punta Carretas neighbourhood: previously a barely visited and fairly unrecommendable area which has totally reinvented itself as one of the most appealing and peaceful parts of the city. In short, if you're after all the latest fashions, head straight for Punta Carretas. The extensive Punta Carretas Shopping centre, set out over three large floors, is home to over two hundred shops including all the most prestigious national and international brands. There's room for everything in this shopping centre: clothes, electrical goods, perfumes, jewellery, leather goods, cosmetics, photography, decoration and endless choice all under one roof. There is also a range of food outlets and cinemas screens, making for a perfect family outing. It is open every day of the year from ten in the morning to ten at night.

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