The most populated neighbourhood of the city has an irresistible charm. So much so that in its heyday, it was South America's answer to Biarritz.

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Rambla de Pocitos

Welcome to Biarritz!

This stretch of the coast forms part of the Pocitos neighbourhood, one of the most affluent in the city and the most densely populated, with close to 70,000 inhabitants. In its day, Pocitos was one of the first seaside resorts on the continent, becoming known as South America's answer to Biarritz. It has developed steadily since the early 19th century, thanks to its historic buildings, mansions and picturesque houses and today is home to a whole fleet of enormous buildings. There are always people on the Pocitos beach, whether in winter or summer when the locals flock here for football, volleyball and water sports. This neighbourhood offers a range of other attractions such as the obligatory photo at the classic Montevideo sign, the Museo Naval or shipping museum, the Castillo Pittamiglio building and the huge range of restaurants that line the promenade.

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