This building lives, breaths and creates magic. If you're looking for a plan for a romantic afternoon, this is the place.

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Relax at Casapueblo, Punta del Este

Soulful architecture.

Any architect will tell you that buildings are designed to transcend their material form, to make an emotional impact and to leave no onlooker indifferent. This premise is fulfilled to perfection at this icon hotel in Punta Ballena, just a few kilometres from Punta Este and around 140 from Montevideo. Casapueblo emerged from the creative imagination of the artist Carlos Páez Vilaró who described his work as "an inhabitable sculpture with no blueprints, born from my enthusiasm for the concept". Inspired by the spherical nests of the hornero bird, this building is an authentic tiered labyrinth of walkways, curving lines and multiple levels. It is home to a magical hotel complex of 72 apartments which counts various big international stars among its exclusive clientele. From its stunning terraces, you'll feel the full magnetism of the sea, bathed in the most beautiful sunsets. The perfect backdrop to a romantic afternoon. In addition to the hotel, the Casapueblo also has an onsite museum and art gallery.

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