This restaurant opened in the same year as the New York stock exchange. Hence its name, decor and history.

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Restoran 1792

Wall Street in Uruguay.

It was established with a clear business-minded philosophy, which makes sense given that it was inspired by Wall Street; opening in 1792, in the same year as the New York stock exchange, hence its name. This spacious restaurant has two essential features: a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and the idea that hard work should not be at odds with tranquillity. Nor with good food, obviously. Restoran 1792 has four different levels, decorated with a clear nod to the world of stocks and shares. The lunch menu has an undeniable US flavour, drawing inspiration from Manhattan or Philadelphia, although more local dishes are also available such as the excellent Uruguayan escalope. The coffees, cakes and desserts are also delicious. This restaurant is the ideal place for an elegant business lunch or a family meal in the heart of the old town.

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