Bread, butter, ham and beef thrown together to create a modern-day gastronomical phenomenon.

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Try a chivito

A chance discovery.

Sometimes, the most popular dishes come about by pure chance, which is exactly what happened one night with the chivito; one of Uruguay's best-known recipes. During the 40s, the owner of the late El Mejillón restaurant in Punta del Este was asked by a customer for chivito norteño, literally baby goat from the North; a dish he had sampled on his travels around Argentina and Chile. With no goat to hand, the owner toasted some bread, coated it with butter and then added ham and a beef steak. Faced with this new creation, the customer was pleasantly surprised and the chivito has now become a popular dish throughout the country. Fancy trying this culinary delight in Montevideo? A safe bet is Bar Facal, on Avenida 18 de Julio, but some would say that the best chivitos are served in Tinkal which is not far from the Parque Rodó park. Other good options include Los Francesitos on Avenida San Marino or Arocena in the Carrasco neighbourhood.

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