If you're interested in wine then we recommend a tour around the wineries in the area.

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Wineries around Montevideo

A toast to Uruguayan wineries.

Uruguay has a long history of wine making; in fact, a trip to Montevideo just won't be the same without visiting some of the many wineries around the city. Just a few miles out of the city, you'll find countless opportunities to sample characteristic wines like the Tannat, whose intense and robust flavours are the ideal accompaniment to any kind of meat. The Canelones region, which is very close to the capital, is known for its elegant, perfectly balanced wines thanks to its warm climate and light soil. Prestigious wineries like Carrau, Marichal, Stagnari or Bouza are all great options for this unforgettable experience. To name but one, the boutique winery Bouza at the source of the Arroyo Melilla spring is located in one of the best wine-making areas in the southern hemisphere. This winery sells limited edition wines and runs tasting sessions for albariño, chardonnay, merlot and tempranillo wines.

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