If the Piazza di Spagna is impressive, the day of Donne Sotto le Stelle creates an atmosphere that you ought to see.

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135 steps to the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Square)

Mainly glamour

The 135 steps in the Piazza di Spagna are full of glamour during the month of July. During this month, the entire square puts on its best face to receive the internationally renowned Donne Sotto le Stelle (women under the stars) fashion show. This fashion show is organised every July, and the best designers, dressmakers, best paid models and top fashion companies come with it. Unlike other fashion parades, this event is open to the public (although, the areas which are very close to the walkway are obviously reserved). This in itself, in a city where there is a lot of interest in fashion, means that everyone in Rome becomes involved in the preparations. If you want to see it, why not hang about on the terraces around the steps and wait until you can choose a place to watch the fashion show. Apart from your interest in fashion, the night time atmosphere and the decoration in the square during these days, makes this a beautiful event to see, on a summer night in Rome.

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