In the mornings, a typical market, and at night, a meeting place for tourists and Italians

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Campo de Fiori (Field of Flowers)

The other area of Rome, which is well known for its night life

In Rome, there is another city centre, less monumental and more rustic but that equally represents the city. We are talking about the Campo dei Fiori (Field of Flowers). This square, which gives the neighbourhood its name, is between the great Avenue Vittorio Emanuele II and the River Tiber. This is where Roman everyday life goes on. And it has been that way for centuries. Before the construction, neighbours got together in this area to market their fruit and vegetables, cattle and artisan products from the area. That is why Pope Calixto III ordered the construction of a square as a market place in the old field of flowers, and that is where the name comes from. That was in 1456 and the market is still there today. Nowadays you can visit it every morning Monday to Friday. It is possibly the most authentic market in all of Rome. They say that, if you want to get to know the real Rome, you should go to this Campo dei Fiori. Since the Middle Ages, all of this neighbourhood became the affluent area of the city, so if you carry on walking around the streets, you will find elegant buildings that belonged to the aristocracy like the Palazzo Farnese (Farnese Palace) and the Palazzo Spada (Spada Palace).

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