In this wine cellar you will discover that there are also great wines in Italy

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Etabli Restaurant or Italian Wine

Enjoy a good Italian wine

Visiting Rome is synonymous with visiting a place with the best gastronomy in the world. Like all countries on the Mediterranean coast, Italy has a climate that favours its cuisine. It's true that tradition has also played its part. Everyone knows pasta, coffee and desserts, but not many people know that this is also the seat of some of the best wines in the world. The wine making tradition goes back to the Greeks, who were predecessors of the Roman Empire and has spread across the whole territory. Virtually all regions have their vineyards and produce their own wines. In Rome you will find a wide range of wine cellars and bars and, yes, you can trust the house wine in almost all restaurants as they tend to have some excellent vintage wines. Wine tasting in all of the Testaccio and Trastevere area is highly recommended. There is place called Etabli, which is very popular. This place, at Nº 9 Vicolo delle Vacche, has become a mixture of music and wine: you can enjoy the best wine listening to live music.

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