These is the place where you will probably eat the best pasta in the world… don't miss the opportunity?

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Italian pasta

Mamma Mia!

It is as typical as it is old. But that doesn't mean it is no longer the centre of Italian gastronomy, and is also the most usual gift or souvenir, which travellers take home from Rome. In spite of only being a mixture of ground cereal with water and that you can find it in a lot of places around the world, Italian pasta kept a secret for themselves, which makes their pasta special. There are infinite types: colours, fresh, with shapes, with fillings, and a long etcetera. Here it depends on each person's taste. However, here are some recommendations. If you would like to try the pasta in a restaurant, we recommend you get away from the centre, not much, just enough to get closer to the Trastevere district or, better still, Testaccio. In these areas, there is a large number of Trattorias or typical Italian restaurants much more affordable and, above all, with better quality in their kitchens. In the centre the very fact that they are so crowded, sometimes causes the food to not be quite as good as expected. If you want to buy pasta as a souvenir, we recommend any of the home made products on the stands in the centre of town.. You'll find lots of variety.

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