Here you'll understand the saying "All roads lead to Rome"

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Piazza de Campidoglio

Rome's Kilometre Zero

Piazza del Campidoglio or Piazza del Capitolio is the equivalent of kilometre zero in the city of Rome. From this point, all roads that connected the Empire began. Because of this point, the expression all roads lead to Rome was coined, as all Roman Roads ended in this square. The temple of Jupiter presided over this great oval. Here the Roman troops bowed before and after combats, to pay homage. It is said that the origin of the current square, comes from Pope Paul III Farnase, who, when he became Pope, said he felt ashamed of the aspect of the square and commissioned Michelangelo to restore it. That is how, the great painter began the work, in 1536, erecting the three buildings that still protect the square today. He orientated the square, with a great significance, towards the Vatican Basilica of Saint Peter, he erected the New Palace and restored the Conservative Palace, which are now used as the Capitoline Museums. In the middle of the square, the statue of Marcus Aurelius watches what is happening and reminds us about the history of Rome.

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