You can't say that you like pizza until try one in Rome

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A simple food with an unrivalled flavour

Did you know that this popular food was the mainstay of the city's lowest classes? They were not as elaborate as we are used to nowadays. Pizza is known as peasant's food . They were based on flat bread that was often left over in a restaurant or house with a bit of tomato sauce, which was very usual in Rome, and they put leftovers on top of it, that they found from any meal: meat, vegetables, fish. That was the origin of this delicious dish. In Rome, nowadays, you can find as many different kinds of pizza as you can imagine. It is one of the delicacies of Italian cuisine and, available wherever food is sold. In fact, you'll find a lot of places selling takeaway food. Then tend to be home made pizzas and, usually very tasty and cheap. If you're near the Coliseum, why not pick up some pizza portions, a glass of lambrusco, and join the people sitting eating peacefully in the huge park surrounding the monument.

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