San Lorenzo and the university students

Apart from having a long history behind it, this area is known as the university neighbourhood.

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San Lorenzo and the university students

Why is it known as the Red Neighbourhood?

Built at the end of the XIX century, it housed foreign workers, who came to help erect Rome. The city had suffered a very serious crisis during the previous decade and now, it was growing very quickly. Throughout history, different historical events, like having been the only neighbourhood that opposed the fascist dictatorship, earned it the name of the red neighbourhood. Whether it is true or not, it is less of a tourist neighbourhood and very Roman. Inside you can see the Basilica of San Lorenzo Extramuros (St. Lawrence Outside the Walls), one of the five most important churches in Rome. From there on foot you can follow the walls marking the ancient city limits to the popular Porta Tiburtina. At night, the neighbourhood changes completely and is called the college district: the streets are inundated with students, who fill the bars and squares in the area, until the wee small hours.

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