It is a typical local neighbourhood and not much of a tourist area. You can spend a different kind of day here, or, if you prefer, a good night out.

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Testaccio Area

Get to know the daily life of Roman people today

The Testaccio neighbourhood appears almost as a continuation of Trastevere, very close to the Porta Portese Bridge on the banks of the RiverTiber As the name indicates, it is at the bottom of mount Testaccio. The neighbourhood was founded as the point where merchandise arrived from the Roman Empire. The Port of Ostia was the entrance to the Empire and to the city of Rome too. And so, and simply for information, this mountain housed as many as 26 million broken amphorae, because the Romans stored them there, in the belief that they could be reused. All of these streets are a great way to get to know the Roman daily routine. On each corner you will meet the local people doing their shopping or buying a take away pizza, delivery men on Vespas, flea markets and lots of restaurants and terraces with home made (something highly recommendable) Italian food. There is also a long football tradition, as the historical Roman football pitch was there, where, despite the fact that matches are no longer played there, it is quite usual to find groups of fans and celebrations of the local team. At night it is one of the neighbourhoods with the liveliest night life in the whole city In fact, it has been able to retain a lot of its identity and there is very little tourism, so, if you want to know what local night life is like, you have a perfect opportunity in this neighbourhood.

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