And after a good meal, help your digestion with a limoncello

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The Limoncello

The Italian liqueur par excellence

This typically Italian drink is one of the most refreshing drinks for sunny days and when you go for a walk. They say that its origin goes back to a small village on the outskirts of Naples called Sorrento, in the south of Italy. It is said that the lemons from there had a much more intense colour and taste than others and were also larger and so, they used those lemons and started to distil limoncello. It's impossible to know exactly where and when. What we do know is that it is a normal drink all over Italy. It is made with lemon, sugar and alcohol. But be careful! it can have up to 25 degrees of alcohol, so drinking it without taking care can get you into trouble. People normally drink it after meals, during the after dinner conversation, because it is a light drink that is good for the digestion. But, people also drink it at parties and at night, especially in the summer, when people spend more time outside with friends. There are lots of different ways of drinking it, even though it is always recommended to drink it very cold. It is also typical to serve it as if it was a refreshing drink, like horchata (tiger nut milk) or lemonade.

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